Welcome to Y kawika's

Working with computers has brought me great enjoyment and I hope that you are able to enjoy yourself here at my site and find a helpful hint or tool along the way.

Build 'em, Fix 'em, Upgrade 'em, Clean 'em, Tweak 'em..........software or hardware, get your rig running right!

Ok, just what the heck is a "Y kawika"?

Kawika ( kah - vee -kah) is Hawaiian for David, my birth name.  I spent most of my youth growing up in Hawaii and was known as Kawika for years.  Now that I'm here on Long Island in New York, I got a lot of "Why Kawika"?
Hence:  Y kawika
Most refer to me as just "Y" and that suits me just fine.

The "No Spyware" avatar at the top of this site and that I wear throughout the various forums that I frequent was created by my friend Ax Slinger.  He has gratiously permitted me to use it for all of these years and I am grateful.  Being a part of the Anti-Spyware Brigade movement and continuing to remove malware is what first motivated and inspired my early computer experiences.   I became an active member of  the forums at PC Pitstop and was able to learn from the vast experience of so many gifted and generous members..........................and I still do!!  I am currently an Administrator at the Pit and can be found there daily.

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